ive had a FR guitar forever, but ive never really messed with the fine tuners.

Can anyone explain them to me a bit? I mean when to use...when not to.

Am I right in assuming this is the right way to setup when yhou change strings:

restring, tune multiple times until it stays, lock, and then use fine tuners if needed?


When my guitar falls out of tune slightly (if it does), i now use the fine tuners to get it back up to pitch instead of unlocking the locks, and using the tuning pegs...is that ok?
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You are right in assuming that it's the right way. They are there so you can adjust tuning after you've locked the nut.
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ok, thank you so much for confirming that for me.

I was also wondering...

I read in the FR FAQ thread to put the tuners in "middle position" or something before restringing and retuning.

Since ive never messed with them before recently (havent restrung using them yet either), what exactly is middle position?

do I just try to even them out or what?

I know it seems like common sense, but I really dont want to **** up my guitar lol. So I ask every possible dumb question before I do something.
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels