Do you guys ever watch T.V shows or movies just because of a person starring in it.There's a kids show here called The Shak and I watch it because one of the girls on it is smokin'
God... the most... retarded.... show.... EVER!

Go watch some other tv show with a hot chick in it
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I might be drawn in to watch it the first time because someone I like is in it, but generally repeated viewing requires it to be either:
A. Awesome
B. Well made
C. All of the above.
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i remember i used to watch veronica mars because the girl, kristen or kirsten w/e her real name is the one who played veronica, was hot as hell in that show

but i just grew tired of the show in general
I watch Reaper because Kevin Smith Directs it, if that counts.
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i watch 8 simple rules for watching cute KERRY
bridget is better
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Quote by nodtomc
bridget is better

she is not beautifull at all and she has the same stupid look on her face like paris hilton
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