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The song's in my profile.
Just looking for feedback, on any aspect of the song, recording. Seriously do not be afraid to say anything, as I'm rarely active on UG, I won't take it badly.
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Wow I really like your new song , it has his very own atmosphere and uses quite progressive chords but they fit the song , is especially like those high voices in the background and the sound of the guitsr is quite amazing
do you have the lyrics for it?

I also added my own song to my profile feel free to give me some feedback

-------------------|Carpe Diem - Lebe den Tag|-----------------
You have a really good voice. Good lyrics too.

If I was producing this song, I would suggest adding a bassline to right around where most people "switch off" (lose interest but keep listening). Simply ask some people to listen and honestly tell you when their mind drifts.

As it is, it's already a very good song. It just needs a tad filling out to be excellent. You should look into some lite percussion to drive the song. Could be something as simple as shakers, or just experiment with whatever you have at hand.

I have plenty more tips if you're interested.
Wow, that is really impressive, I like your voice

I don't have much more to say on top of what the other have really, it'd sound really good if you had a shaker and slow bass come in about 2/3 of the way, and maybe did a little more with the guitar when the vocals get quieter near the end. The backing vocals make it sound really round though, it's surpsingly full-sounding for a 3 track song.

It's not the kind of thing I usually listen to, but seriously, I love the lyrics
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You got a good voice, i like your unique-ish style, not like everything you hear people playing these days. The recording quality is also pretty decent too, keep up the good work.

Critique back?
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I like this a lot. Very unique and distinct voice. The guitar chords are very fitting for the feel of the song. Only real thing I could suggest would be some small, quiet bass-line under the track. But other than that, great track. Appreciated the advice on my track, too. Thanks.
Damn sir. You've got a good voice. At about one minute it would be awesome to turn this into a hard rock song, haha. That build up was awesome. Hell it's awesome the way it is though too. There's not a lot of critique I could give for this honestly. Sounds fantastic. Very smooth recording, playing was great, vocals were awesome. If anything I'd say you need a way to dissipate the tension that builds up at 1:00. Just so much energy built up, but you don't really allow for the listener to release it, you know? Other than that, awesome.
I like the vibes of this, a get a little sinatra and roots stuff in there. Nice vocals and guitar. Good choice on backround vocals. I like the tempo change halfway through. The mixing could use a bit of work. maybe pan some stuff around more, fix the levels a bit on the vocals, add some reverb. crit mine?
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The first thing that struck me about this song was your voice, its really amazing. The guitar track was pretty interesting and the backing vocals were pretty unique.

I don't have anything negative to say about this one except that it might benefit from some drums or such. Great work
Great voice there guy.

And a great song too, you're kinda like a darker version of Jack Johnson.
I agree with what's been said so far, could use some drums or bass maybe, and the voice gets a bit too loud in the mix couple of time but all in all this is fairly pro stuff. Keep it up.
The ONLY thing I don't like about this one is the reoccurring line "inches from your head."

It seemed like you should have said "face" instead of "head". Head seems so... impersonal. It broke the mood of an otherwise excellent song.
nice jazzy sounding chords and smooth intro, nice counter melody done, it caught my attention straight away, great lyrics and vocal melody
the composition is good, with good time for verse/chorus

ur voice is quite good very emotional very well done

the vocal harmony sounds great and its good to hear a split of male and female i find its rare these day

Overall its a very nice song and its well thought out and executed great job
Thanks for the crit.

Again as other people have said, I quite like your voice.
Kind of dark sounding, but that's just my opinion. Otherwise, good song, good guitar work, great vocals, great all around.
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Wow, I really like this. Very unique, catchy song. Excellent vocals, like the background vocals also. I agree it would be cool for it to just explode near the end, since its a very emotional song. You should definitely start playing some gigs if you dont already, and you have enough material. Good stuff man.
Thats some interesting chords!
I like this. It sounds like a theme for a Bond movie or something.
Excellent. Party time.
Very good voice, and I like the lyrics a lot. The guitar kind of got a little boring after a while, even though it was very interesting sounding, I got bored of the same chord progression eventually. Back up vocals were really nice. But I still really liked the song. Very original sounding. Great job!
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I really like the confidence I hear in your voice. I think adding some percussion might liven it up a bit. Really cool tune.
wooooooooooooowwwww very impressive, id never expect to here that sort of quality of vocals on ug good voice obviously especially in flesh, very powerful etc, guitar is a bit samey but your voice makes up for it, lyrics very good too, melodies good! just add some light drums or a walking bass line and it would make it sound like pro stuff!!!!

Great voice! Kind of dark twist to it, not really my taste, but it sounds timingwhise spot on!
Thanks for the crit. Very smooth and jazzy, incidentally just the music I like. You have a very unique voice that echoes real quality with your timing, tone and pitch; the backing vocal is equally smooth and vibrant. The vocals harmonize very well together. With that in mind, it could do with a baseline halfway through to keep people with short attention spans from switching off. It's refreshing to have something different and a bit unconventional. Also… nice chord progression . Overall this is a really good song, I enjoyed every minute.
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listening while i type -

firstly. pan knob, use it.... i like your voice and the verse progression has a nice unstable feel. the way you accent the chorus is tight as well i like the chords written.

I hear a lot of clipping, definately watch your levels... 2nd verse, back into the progression, i like how it starts back into it and starts rolling again. If you use a delay effect on the chics voice you can work the stereo delay and set the left side to 0ms and the right side to 30ms and it would give a nice stereo effect and widen up your track.

i like the feel. for what it is, i think its marketable. theres some recording errors and such and a good recording will only make it stand out more. Vox are my death, and i blow with them :\ but you have a good sense of cohenerence with your words and chords.

read that, as its a guide about leveling.

keep it up brotatoe.
Pretty good. I would have liked it better without the background vocals, they were a bit distracting. Over all the song was an odd style but sounded cool. Vocals were pretty good. I like it, thanks for the crit btw.
I really enjoyed the chord progression. Man, you have an awesome voice, and the backing vox really sound great. The overall atmosphere of the song is sort of dark and eerie, and the way the vox are pulled off in a way that fit it.

Overall- good job - i like the style
Wow, very good! Very nice lyrics, awesome vocals, very catchy, very emotional. Altough I'll have to agree that the progression gets a bit boring, it was a good progression, I liked it.

Oh btw, those backing vocals were incredible, very cool harmonizing with a female voice.

Cheers for the crit
I really dig the jazzy, laid back feel to it. I feel like if you could get a saxophone solo towards the end with the humming thatd be wicked. The background vocals are also very tasteful. As good and clear as your voice is, I'm not a fan of the tone you get sometimes. On the majority it's very good but when you get loud you sound like Eddie Vedder or something of that sort. If thats what your going for it's cool, but I think that if you let your voice get a little more raw when you get loud, like The Strokes singer, it would achieve a better effect. Overall though, good stuff
Agree with ^, almost James Bondesque. I would put a little room sized reverb on it, and reduce the volume on the louder vocal parts.
As well, sounds quite round with the background voices, granted there's only 3 tracks.
Good stuff.
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Quote by JordantheAxe
Pretty good. I would have liked it better without the background vocals, they were a bit distracting. Over all the song was an odd style but sounded cool. Vocals were pretty good. I like it, thanks for the crit btw.

my words exactly

it did get a bit boring after a while, and the pitch on the "yells" while you were singing was a little off (unless you were trying to make it that way), but overall I like it a lot. It's definitely original
Nice tune, you have a good voice.
The back vocals sound cool.
Maybe add a bass to the song?
Great vocals, your singing reminds me of BB King. The female vocals were very unique, a bit strange, but well done. Nice guitar playing as well, but it could maybe be a bit louder. Good job overall.
Excellent work. Very creative rhythm and melody, and your singing is very good. Loving the backing vocals, too. The only thing I could really suggest is to work on the mix a little bit, as somebody else mentioned. It seems kind of boxy, but that could be fixed with some eq'ing. One more thing - watch that you don't overload the microphone when you have to project some of those higher notes. Maybe try to work on your mic technique a little bit, varying your distance relative to your singing volume, or even throw a little compression on the vocal track.

All in all, great job, and thanks for the comments on my song.
Def different - but it's your style - I like it - and the girl has a really good voice - sounds a bit like regina spektor - the chords are not in a typical progression which makes it more interesting ... good job keep it up
Very cool, I love the vocals, it's a pretty good song in every aspect, there isn't anything wrong I can point out.

Keep up !
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