Im looking for a good tone for playing music like metallica and i was wondering if the Boss MT-2 or Ml-2 would be good for that.
Hm, I'm not sure it would be worth spending much on a pedal to go with that amp. You could probably get a Metallica tone out of it if you EQ it right or, failing that, try a cheap Behringer or Danelectro metal distortion pedal.
i do have a darelectro beyond metal pedal but its just not the right kind of tone i was looking for but, would getting a better amp help?
lol, before i waste my money again the only other pedal i saw that might work for me is the Danelectro DJ-21 Black Coffee Metal Distortion , was just curious if it was good enought to try
Unfortunately, I've never tried that, so I can't give you any advice on it. You could check Harmony Central for reviews and Youtube for some demo clips, though.
What guitar do you have? You shouldn't need a pedal with that amp.
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