So i recorded some riffs and licks on Krystal Audio engine. As you guy would imagine i want to share my babies with the world. So i just tryed uploading them to UG. However i foud out the sample rate wasnt the 44.1KB/s that UG requires. Is there anyway to change the sample rate without rerecording the track altogether? Cheers in advance bros.
I'm sure you can choose the KHz the audio's exported at, if you start at the file you began at.
There are programs like dbpoweramp that can take care of it. Try looking for older versions/alternatives, since it costs money to handle mp3s. You can also try iTunes.
Just re-export at a higher bit rate....

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I didn't think 44khz was a sample rate option, only 44.1khz. Are you sure it's only on 44khz?