I Have £180 to get myself a backup guitar as i do not want to damage any of my mains (stupid i know.) I play rock and metal. I was currently thinking of buying a epiphone les paul junior and installing a 81 or a SD Blackout.

What are your thoughts on this ?
From personal experience I would avoid Epiphone's at that price (if you're from Birmingham, you've probably heard of the Little Civic in Wolvo? Well I was onstage there on Dec 21st and broke a string in the first song...as luck would have it, I'd even left the backup for that tuning in the dressing room, so I ran upstairs backstage, grabbed the Epiphone G-400 and got back on stage between first n second songs...let's just say in the heat it didn't hold it's tuning AT ALL!).

I still love playing the Ibanez Gio Deluxe I got 5 years ago for £180 (RRP £209 at the time, but my friend's dad owns a shop so discount for me ) and for the price I can't fault it. It's my backup for standard tuning

So to get to the point, I'd say try some Ibanez's out, and the Yamaha Pacifica 112 can cope with metal (has a nice neck) and is great for it's price aswell. They were the only guitars my school had that I would play
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i agreee with the other guy who said look for a cheap ibanez, i have the jumpstart one and i don't have any complaints, keeping in mind it's a $250 guitar, obviously theres stuff that could be better, but hey, it's cheap and pretty reliable
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