My bassist and 2nd guitarist started to act strangly. Suddenly they're VERY unfriendly, they try to avoid practices and they started to ignore me for no reason.
I started to think that I should leave my band. What should I do?

EDIT-I forgot to write that I have no chance to form a new band(lack of drummers and bassists in my area).
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it sounds like their on drugs^^

or have a GF....
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ask them straight up what the problem is, and tell them to be honest, cause it'd suck to quit and find out you were wrong about it all and not have any band to play with
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i had this situation a couple of times over the years. Recently in my band the bassist and guitarist were becoming best pals, and ignoring myself and the singer and saying crap behind my back, so i booted the guitarist (there were other reasons like he couldnt be bothered learning songs for example).

The only time you should feel awkward in life is if you have to do something mandatory eg work beside assholes or deal with idiots at school-if this is just for fun dont continue this way. Having said that its so difficult getting bands together it depends on your location.
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it sounds like their on drugs^^

or have a GF....

Or they're having an affair with each other and each one thinks that the other is cheating on them with you.
Just tell 'em your not gay and you have no wish to get involved in their lovers argument. If they get embarrased and don't say another word, you've hit the nail on the head, if they beat you up however, look for a new band.

No seriously, just ask if you've done anything to upset them. If they say 'no' then ask them why you get the feeling that something is wrong from them.