Currently im using 10-46 string gauge on my Strat, EB slinkys. If that is small or big, i have no idea! Could you guys tell me what strings a normal strat should have, and have i done anything wrong, could my strings like destroy stuff on my guitar or are they perfectly fine?

If it's fine i will continue using them, as i like them very much, if their not fine, what should i use then?

Thanks guys
You van have any gauge strings on any guitar don't worry about it your fine. The only thing you have to worry about is when you change gauges that the neck relief is set correctly.
Okay, i'll remember that, thanks!

Btw: are my current string huge or small or medium?
i wouldnt say not to worry about putting too heavy gauge strings on your guitar. If the strings you put on your guitar are too heavy a gauge, you could cause some serious problems with the neck, and possibly the body could warp .

as for your 10-46 gauge strings... you should be fine. they are considered light gauge. my friend currently has 11-60 gauge strings on his squire strat, and the neck is beyond adjustment. so just be careful with how thick your strings are, pending on what tuning your going to play in. I would say anything between 9-52 you should be safe with.

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K guys thanks! This really help.

Feel free to add some more info that could be useful to me if you know anything that could be important,
Incidentally, Strats come with 9s from the factory, generally.
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Once your comfortable with the 10s you can move to 9s and they will play like butter for you

I'd stick with 10s or 9s on an electric, only a few are setup to hold anything higher than 11 safely.