does anyone know any good free software that allows you to backup your songs and videos from an ipod as well as the play count, ratings, etc?

thx alot
Free software backup? ... I'd be surprised if you found one.
Looking for my India/Django.
ipod agent, ipod wizards, loads of them. Don't know whether your play count will be retained though. Google it!
There is a way you can retain play count

Open your Ipod in my computer and select the ipod.

Then go to tools>FolderOptions>View>

Then look for the Hidden files and folders, tick the show folders.

Then open up your ipod and you`l a large folder which has all the music, apple didnt want you to find it .

Drag and drop all the files in the seperate numbered folders into itunes and it`l copy them all over.

Newer Itunes versions might not work, Im not sure, so dont blame me if it doesnt I havent used it since like itunes 5.

EDIT: Yeah the above softwares do work, and are probably easier, but some trial versions limit to like 50-100 songs at a time, so depending on song count you could be there a while.

EDIT AGAIN: The software around today is alot easier and free, so yeah use that if they retain playcounts.
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