these guys were awesome. why do good bands split up? i guess we'll never know, but its sad sad sad. i thought about putting this in the hardcore forum but that place has too many people that like bad things.
my name is matt. you can call me that if you like.
Yeah, I remember getting into Sirens like a few months before they broke up. Pretty tragic. But I got lucky when they played their reunion shows last year, I mean, since they're from Long Island. That was definitely one of the best shows I've ever seen.

Okay, I don't know how much you can rely on this, but a few weeks ago I was hanging out with one of my friends who is acquainted with them, and she mentioned that they might actually work on a new EP soon. I wanted to punch her in the face for getting my hopes up, but she was pretty serious. Don't tell anyone though, it might be a secret that I forgot I was supposed to keep.