Definitely liked WaveRunner. Very cool instrumental chaos. Little the odd intro, the punchy bass, the extended solo/instrumental guitar part. Good song.

Less keen on Ice Bong, the spoken word thing can work (Zappa did some good spoken word proggy rock), but it sounds...very rough. And the effect on the acoustic(?) guitar made it sound quite messy.

This is why IggetHi was...a bit frantic for me. The guitar sounded like it wasn't recorded very well - maybe a bit fuzzy. I know it's meant to be slightly distorted, but it sounded like there was recording fuzz. But that's not really a big crit, given you're not (I assume) getting a high-end producer and studio enviroment. But yeah, a bit too frantic, video-game-noise for me.

Let Us Be has the same fuzzy lead guitar problem, but the clean guitar sounds really...clean . Well recorded. Didn't find the music particularly exciting - definitely not as much as WaveRunner.

Meditation didn't start off too promisingly - punchy bass and that feedback tone made it sound a little like a poor man's WaveRunner, but I did like those little clean vibrato(slide?) guitar bits that started bleeding in.

Lost In Time starts off very slick, very professional-sounding. As it goes on, though, it starts to sound a little noodle-y...ah, but that 2:00 ominious rising feedback is quite cool. Not a massive fan of the licks the guitar plays there, though - they could've been more distorted/effect-laden, it feels like that's what you're expecting. Sortof noodles out from there - quite a nice song, but there doesn't sound like there's anything to bite down on if you get me.

Overall, I'd say it's not something I would listen to much sober. Stoned or tripping, I'd definitely be happy if WaveRunner or Lost In Time came on, but I'd say the music is probably in need of a few more hooks... I realise this is probably precisely what you don't want to do, but the Dead had hooks...
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thanks for the feedback guys... its more of a demo type page for now...
im working on more material though... all the songs are really just ideas right now....
but if you keep that in mind i think you will find my music promissing for now... if not im sorry that there insnt top of the line recording and all... and ill be recording in the studio soon so bare with me well im starting out... and most importantly peace