How can i record my Peavey bandit 112 amp without creating lots of noise (my parents go wild if its too loud)?

The amp itself has a line out but no headphone jack.

Any ideas/suggestions?

are u recording into a live recording program... if so turn up the volumes on the software so that they are in the yellow and all is good then equalise later for even more volume
use one of those adapters so that the head phone plug fits an output jack and plug it into the computer... or you could have the amp plugged into the computer and then use headphones through the computer...
What method are you using to record?
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I have the same amp and I get horrible feedback when using the line out for some reason. I am trying to use Cool Edit Pro. Anybody have experience with that program?
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Is there an easy way to disconnect the speaker in that amp?

I wouldnt know how to go about doing that to be honest.

I was hoping to go directly from the amp into my UX2 then into Cubase
yeah i know but the speakers connected still aint it so its gunna be really quiet and crappy sounding cuz i'll have to turn it down so i dont get thrown out my house lol
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the peavey site says the out has a level control on the Bandit 112 - next to the output jack

But thats got nothing to do with the speaker itself.. already tried lol


plugging a lead into the send hole on the amp stops any sound altogether....
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