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Foo Fighters
1 4%
The Colour And The Shape
15 60%
There is Nothing Left to Lose
1 4%
One By One
4 16%
In Your Honour (Disk 1)
3 12%
In Your Honour (Disk 2)
0 0%
Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace
1 4%
Voters: 25.
Hey guys thought it would be good to see what people think is the best foo fighters Studio album. Thought I'd List the songs for those who dont have the full collection (and if you dont then i look down upon you). Also list your top three songs from each album and last of all your all time favourite. I put both in your honour disk up as seperate as they both deserve there own votes. =]

Foo Fighters
1.For All The Cows
2.This Is A Call
3.Big Me

The Colour And The Shape
1.My Hero
3.Monkey Wrench

There Is Nothing Left To Lose
3.Learn To Fly

One By One
1.All My Life
2.Disenchanted Lullaby

In Your Honour (Disk 1)
2.Best Of You
3.Deepest Blues Are Black

In Your Honour (Disk 2)
1.Cold Day In The Sun

Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace

1.The Pretender
2.Cheer Up Boys

All Time Favourite Song
All My Life

Album You Chose
One By One
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Well I'm too lazy to list everything so I'll just say that My Hero is my all time favourite Foos song, with my favourite album being The Colour and the Shape.
I have to say that TCATS is the best. I think after TCATS foo fighters have gone downhill. The first two albums were somehow more fresh than the ones after, i don't know why but that just the way i feel
Well my fav song from them is I'll stick around. So i will go with there debut album. It's a lot more aggressive then anything they have done til this day
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2. There is Nothing Left to Lose
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even though the pretender is my fav. foo fighters song, the color and the shape is their best album- i can listen 2 the whole thing w/out getting bored