are all fender jaguar guitars made in japan?

or is it like the american//mexican thing where there are bad jaguars and good jaguars

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Out of my head: (correct me if I'm wrong)

They are currently being produced in America, Mexico and Japan. America/Mexico is the same thing as all Fender guitars when it comes to quality. Japanese ones are said to be high quality too.
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Theyre only produced in the USA and japan. I have a CIJ, in the start of the 90s they were called MIJ.

Japnese jags feel just as great, only different is the qulaity of pickups and electronics. Also most CIJ have matching headstocks, and the MIAs have the mute. Fender japan is a separate company from the rest of fender, which allows them to produce great guitars for less than rip of prices. They re pretty hard to get hold of in the US, but theyre easily available if your in europe.