ok so im thinking of buying a fender blues jr, want it for blues, blues rock and some clasic rock.
my plan is to use it mainly for its clean tones and put an ab box infront to use an epi valve jr and pedals for my dirtier bluesy/white stripesy stlye tones.
any one own or tried a blues jr?
just want some feed back on them iv tried one in the shop and love the tone but want to know if any one has had problems or any better suggestions before i hand over my cash.
cheers guys
Yeah, it's great. Just get an OD/booster for dirtier tones, rather than A/Bing it and everything.
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ive got a blues junior and an epi jr, and pedals.

it really is a great little amp. LOUD as hell, hard to drive at bedrrom levels without some sort of OD.

cons? i swapped out the stock speaker in mine. it's not hard and pretty inexpensive. it just handles the amp a little better. adds more punch.

you might be getting ripped on the price tho. i mean around here we can pick one up for a few hundred.
i know fender is way over priced in the uk.

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I've got one. They're really nice, pretty good with dirty tones (blues driver) and great with clean tones. they are LOUD, but it's great to know you can overpower a drummer and another guitar player with 15 watts tube.
Beautiful clean amp, and ODs nicely too, plus it'll stay relatively clean at loud volumes.
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Yeah, it's a loud amp. It's great, brilliant cleans! I recomend an OD with it though, like everyone else has.
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cheers for the feedback guys, definatly gonna go for it i think. every thing here seems really positive and i loved the sound in the shop.
Whats overdrive pedal would you recommend?
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