I'm new here. If I wanna share some youtube guitar video here, where should I post? Thank you.
I think you'de be better off not to do it at all
because if everybody posted their youtube videos here.. this site would be called ultimate-youtube.com

but you can always put the video on your profile page, in your blog, in personal messages, ..


Thank you for your quick response~ Thank you so much!

Actually I have no video on youtube, just discovered some really great guitar videos.

REALLY LOVE this forum.
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why do you want to share these videos? is it because the guitarist is playing a certain technique well? are they lesson videos? is it just something strange or cool?
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Depends what kind of video it is. If its of a new metal video or something you could stick it in the metal chat thread, if its a good bedroom shredder or something, the random shred chat sounds like a good place for it...As for your own youtube videos, you can try posting them under either Original or Cover recordings and you can have people crit it
Hello, Yes, something strange that I have never see it before.
I saw a guy can produce Chinese Flute sound by GT-8 and a Stratocaster.......
That's why I want to share.

can search "Chinese Flute on Guitar" there, then you can watch it. Really strange..