I have been playing guitar for the better part of 4 years now, and I consider myself to be intermediate in skill level. I know the basic theory like relative minors, all the keys, the major scale, a few modes and how to read basic staff notation. Now seeing as how I'm in my final year in high school and next year I'd like to be taking admission into some music college, I'm looking to get into Berklee, so I thought I'd better make my theory top notch. So I'm gonna spend this year concentrating on theory majorly. So could you guys like give me some advice as to what I should learn and/or practise to achieve the desired goals? - peace
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Go to a library where they sell the school's required books, more than often there's also books to help you get on par with the school's required levels of knowledge.
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You could try going to the Berklee school's website, under programs you should be able to view courses and perhaps even course content descriptions. I would also suggest ordering the schools catalog of classes.

Look at the content covered in the year one program then go hit up a library for the appropriate resources.
I think you should look into what kind of things are expected for the colleges you want. You have to learn what the college expects from you, and sometimes that means learning things that aren't really all that important. See what is expected from you, and focus on that.