hi guys and gals

just for all of you who are trying to learn the notes on neck of the guitar i came across and awesome program a few months ago which if youve never heard of is called fretboard warrior. its a free program, if you can call it that i think its more of a flash plugin type thingy, but it has really helped me learn the notes on the neck. Afterall if learning songs are the words are sentences of music then surely knowing the notes on the neck is knowing the alphabet. Anywhos i'm sure a quick google search will find it for you.

just to add for all of you thats got it already whats the kind of score your getting for a 2 minute session. I use it most times i've got the computer on (over the last couple of months) and seem to of plateaued at around 40 notes in two minutes. just wondering if its me not moving my mouse quick enough or if i've hit a wall so to speak.

it would be really interesting if you guys could post some scores for us.

I have a different program, but its the same thing pretty much.

Average response time in a 100 note game is 2 seconds