hi, sorry 4 da noob question.. i like to read reviews of gears like amps, guitars and effects if someday i can afford to buy it.. but somehow, i still don't understand what do those review means wit some words...
and wuteva..

can any of u guys teach me..
thanx in advance!
headroom is the amount of clean tone on a valve amp before it breaks into overdrive (and in case you do not know, overdrive is like distortion, except totally different)
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headroom - the amount of gain/volume that can be added to a clean channel before it breaks into overdrive

muddy - when the tone is muffled due to overwhelming low frequencies

harmonic - theres three kinds. look them up. artificial, natural, pinch.
Muddy is when there is a lot of bass to your sound which in turn makes chords/notes mush into one another, so that you can't tell them apart.
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harmonic - theres three kinds. look them up. artificial, natural, pinch.

As the guy in the quote said, there are a few techniques to achieve harmonics on guitar. They essentially produce high pitched sounds. People sometimes say that certain pickups/amps are good at making them sound good.

Harmonics are also the sounds that make up notes, and are the reason why the same note on different instruments sounds different.

I'm not sure sure which explanation you were after (both were pretty bad anyway ) but I hope that helps somewhat...
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