Hi guys, I have a Ibanez with a Edge pro III on it and i was doin a little string changing the other day when i was stupid enough to take off more than one string at a time and now my bridge is now just kinda sitting down low and i thought maybe if i put all new strings on again that the tension would cause it to raise up but nothin? is there somethin else i need to do or did i screw myself? thanks
sounds like you put on lighter gauge strings than what you originally had....basically you should keep the same string gauge unless you want to reset the trem....so you have two options, get the right gauge strings or loosen the springs on the back until the trem is sitting at the right height......you can probably find directions for that online
sowhat is right. The only other thing is that is may have somehow gotten caught on something and is stuck where it was when all the strings were off. If it raised up a little then it isn't stuck.

If that isn't the case, which it probably isn't, then you probably changes string gauges or brands even. Maybe the new brand your using starts with a 10 but are the rest of the string gauges the same as before?