After hearing mixed reviews about this amp, I decided to pick one up a short time before the holidays. It's not bad, but the preset tones are a little annoying. There's something I'm confused about though... I suck pretty bad at EQing. I know pretty much only what is in the FAQ sticky. I also know that a preset tone is active if the light on the preset button is solid and not flashing. If it's flashing, it means I messed with a knob somewhere and it altered the tone. My question is, for those of you out there that have experience with this amp, if I turn one knob, does it automatically change the tone to match what the rest of the knobs are at? Or does it keep the preset tone and only changes the knob that I turned?

Also, I'm assuming Drive is distortion. If I'm wrong, someone correct me. One last thing... what exactly is opto comp for? I'm assuming it's optical compression, which is the same as compression in the FAQ. What situations would I use this in, though?

Thanks in advance for putting up with my EQ noobness
One thing I forgot... in the FAQ it says that the EQ band is at 0 at the 12 o' clock position. I'm assuming this is true for all amps, including the Studio110? If so, I've been screwing up this whole time.