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Niels edge & OG

Once Godlike 2006, Jannik (screams), Sloeri (drum), Stijn (guitar), Kristof (guitar) and Niels ( bass), searching for deeper music.

In the beginning more hardcore influented, we, with Tony (The Seventh) on bass, later evolved to a metalcore band. Now after a year-long break we are back with new songs and new members (Stijn and Niels), with more motivation than ever!

We plan to play a lot of shows to let out the effort we put into our music. We can describe ourselves as a metalcore band with deathmetal influences, walking the continuum between nice melodies and fast riffs. Music created by totally different individuals, resulting in an inspired composition. Check us out on a show!

It's now december 2006 and after seven shows and a lot of positive reactions we decided that it was time to put some music on this bitch! We recorded two songs at rehearsal with only a pc mic and a laptop battling for a bit of sound quality. Hopefully this will aid us in our quest for more shows!

2007 is going to be an important year for Once Godlike. With the intentions of recording a demo, making merchandise and doing as much shows as we can, we are going to bust our balls to get it all done!

Our first show of the season was like coming back home from all the **** of the last months. Thx for everybody who came and partied with us! May all the coming shows be like this one! Please leave your comments and add us to your friendslist!

If you are looking for bands to organize a show, look no further!!

September 2007, a year later, Stijn decide to quit. His busy life cannot be combined with Once Godlike anymore... which is a big loss for us...well, thanks to Stijn for bringing us to this level and for everything he has done!

But we have also the luck to present a new guitarplayer to you! We welcome Indy Van de Put (ex-The Innocence Of pain), he has the job to honor Stijn!

Maybe some have noticed that we won't play any shows before February! Well, we are working really hard to write some new songs! So expect some new stuff pretty soon! So this year has finished for us, it was really great, met some awesome people, played with a nice variety of bands, and so on!

To all the people who helped us in any way: THX FOR THE SUPPORT!

Keep an eye on us!!! more info soon!!

contact: oncegodlike@gmail.com