i've narrowed my choices down to these two. both will be 07 models, i've never dealt with an FR bridge before but am more than willing to learn how to set one up. i played both and i think they have their own strengths but i need some outside opinions. i'm a little wary of the range that emgs have. bands i play would be sublime, incubus, rhcp, rage against the machine, thrice just to name a few. what do you guys think?



one thing i really like about the RGT6 is the neck thru and fixed bridge. i hate the finished neck though... if i did get it i would probably steel wool down the neck to the satin. it has EMGs but i'm not sure how well they can play the cleans.

the RG1570 is nice with it's range of tones and 5 way PU selector. i don't think i fancy the FR much though since i won't ever use the trem. it also is a prestige and has an "unfinished" neck.
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It would be awesome if you could post pics or feature lists, for those of us who don't remember every Ibanez model number. I can say for sure that the RG1570 is a solid, well built guitar that will last you.
Personally I've never been a fan of the 81 especially in the bridge position of a basswood or alder bodied guitar. Had that particular combination in the a basswood Heartfield Talon (think fender RG clone made in the Hoshino-Gakki factory, rather good if you can find them). To me the 81 can sound rather shrill and I actually preferred the two swapped over in that guitar (85 bridge, 81 neck).

Again personal opinion.
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As far as necks go, it's fairly easy to coat an uncoated neck, or strip a coated one. But neckthrough is nice; impossibble to replace or trade out the neck, though. I'm a huge fan of fixed bridges, personally...I really wouldn't pay for a trem I wouldn't use. I'd keep looking at fixed-bridge RG's and S/SA's/SZ's.
i feel like there's a big difference in quality between korean and japanese ibanez that's simply not worth the neck-through. ibanez's bolt-ons are just as good as their neck-thrus in upperfret access, except on the low e and a strings which you probably won't use when playing in the upper register anyways. as for the trem, you can just block it off.