Just throwing it out there.

heres an interesting fact, not all people hear music the same, people of different heritages hear scales differently, this is mostly subconscious.

A scale is a scale as a scale is a scale.

It has the same notes no matter what culture you play it in, no matter what universe you live in. Though, it may have a different effect on the person, emotionally. But that's subjective.
well, human ears are pretty much all the same, i'm not going to hear something differently than anyone else. but because of where i grow up i'm going to interpret the music i hear differently. middle easterners and indians (dot, not feather) are going to hear quarter tones and things of that nature and incorporate that into music whereas westerners are used to the 12 tone system.
I don't think cultures/people hear scales differently, I just think that different cultures/people view scales differently. for instance, a lot of people use pentatonics cause it is easy to relate almost any key to, and it is easy to remember. However, the ancient greeks used the pentatonic scale in most of their music because of their studies in math (specifically in the relations of math and music and the number 5, i.e. circle of fifths, notes that want to diminish to their natural harmonics at 5/12's of a full string/pipe tuned to that specific note, Pentatonic means five tones, etc.), and it was a symbol of their knowledge. However, like confusius said, A scale is a scale and notes are still the same notes.
If you can play music with enthusiasm and an honest effort, then no matter how flawed, noisy and unclean the music is, you are a musician. If you play just to be the best, you are not a musician, nor are you worthy of any musician's recognition. - me
Psychoacoustics, as in what sort of "feeling" comes from a certain scale? There are always the obvious ones like major=happy and minor=sad, but I think some ethnic musicians seem to "favor" or think a certain scale is more "normal"... I'll have "moods" when I write Latin songs, or straight pentatonic-scale based songs, or Chinese-influenced songs. Maybe...?