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Can anyone recommend a simple, short Spanish-sounding song that sounds good on acoustic guitar? Next week is foreign language week or something in my school, so I'd like to play a Spanish song for my class. The lyrics don't have to necessarily be in Spanish, because I'm not going to sing, but the guitar part should sound Spanish-ish, if you know what I mean.

So, any recommendations?
Probably not what you want, but some Muse songs have a strong Spanish influence. If not I find just playing a chord then moving to its a sharp equivalent can sound quite Spanish.
acoustic version of hotel california? shorten it a bit and the solo is easy enough to learn in a week..
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Conquest by the White Stripes (the original is good as well, but idr who did it first) is pretty Spanish-sounding and easy. Pretty much any Santana is very Latin-based, but not easy really.
Bamboleo, or Baila Me. even though the gipsy kings are french, you could still show the flamenco style that they use, which originated in the spanish community (or so I think).

if you want traditional spanish, do Malaguena. simple, quick, and fun
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The following progression: Im, IIIb, VIb, V. About as Spanish as you get.
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Thanks for all the suggestions. I really, really appreciate it.

I think I'll go with Asilos Magdalena. I looked into it and it's simple, yet it sounds really nice.

Thanks again.
What do you mean by "Spanish song"? There is not one genre that's played through out the entire country of Spain, not to mention there are plenty of "spanish songs" from various countries. I believe what you're referring to may be Flamenco, but clearing this up for me would aid me in helping you.