i am looking at the epiphone g-400 custom in white with maestro tremolo

is the maestro tremolo good?
as good as floyd rose?

i just dont know too much about trems i guess

i like blues
rock metal and all that stuff
It's decent for a light vibrato.

It doesn't hold tuning anywhere near as well as a Floyd Rose.
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I think it would comapre to a Strat trem more than a Floyd. It would be cool if you did Blues stuff on it and use it to add some wide vibrato on the ends of licks i think.
I've played the model you're talking about, and it would be a nice guitar for rock and blues. The trem is NOTHING like a floyd, dime squeels are out of the question (yes, I tried). But it is a nice smooth sounding guitar IMO. But the trem isn't much special and should probably only be used majorly for vibrato effects on chordes and all that.
Its only got a 1 1/2- 2 Semitone range i think. unless you really pushed it, it wont Do any floyd Tricks and will probobly go out of tune pretty quick if you tried. Ive played around with 1 or 2 VOS Custom Shop re-issue SG's with them, i liked the feel but its no FR