okay, Richie Sambora's latest signature model just came out, the ESP LTD SA-2. Unfortunately no dealer in my area has one, and I'm unable to find much information on it. Would any of you guys know anything about it? any of you try it out yet? does it play or sound good?... anything....im dying to know how this guitar is
It looks horrible, But I don't think anyone owns one...yet. They just came out a few weeks ago, I don't think many stores have them in stock yet
post a link?

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Probably the ugliest guitar i've ever seen. His 80's charvels were nice though.
I like how they look, but I wish they were doing his white one with the black pickguard instead of the black one with the white pickguard. Oh well.

Anywa, nobody will know what they're like yet. They don't officially go on sale until March 17th, and hell stores probably won't even have them in stock until a week or so after that.