Are EMG's a bitch to install into a Gibson Explorer? I will be installing them tonight and I hope I dont get my ass kicked by these things.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
Sorry to steal the thread, but would they be hard in an SG? I would assume not since they are both Gibson, but I might as well ask.
EMG's are easy to install period. Especially if they are of the passive variety.
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EMGs are no more difficult to install than any other pickup. Only difference is stereo output jack, battery and the 2 wires from batt.
Super easy install. just did it.
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Whats up with the green 104k thingy that goes between the tone and volume pots? I am assuming it's a resistor. I have 2 volume pots and 1 tone pot. So i have 2 pair of 1-volume/ 1 tone pots that are connected by a 104k thingy. Do I leave it? Cut it out? I have the directions that came with the EMG's but they don't show the 104k's.
its a capacitor, if u change that, ur tone will change. some people experiment with different caps to get different sounds. leave the capacitor on.
I dont want to modify it. I am just wondering if I have to solder the 1 capacitor from the front volume pot to the back volume pot and leave the 1 from the tone to the back volume pot. The instructions that come with the emg's dont even show the capacitors being used.
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If your gona do anything to the EMGs, but a 18v mod in.

What does that do?
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What does that do?

EMGs normally run off a single 9V battery, but you can mod them to take 2 9V batteries (18V). Apparently its like removing a pillow from the front of your cab.
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