Ok i want to tab how this guy plays Sunshine of your love, but i suck at tabbing so can someone help me tab it?

The Video
I play guitar.
I thing he plays it pretty much the same way that Clapton does.
ahh he doesnt give the the fingerings for the last part! help!
I play guitar.
hmm i would love u if you could tab that, since i can't tab for crap...
I play guitar.
The chords?

A5 - x,0,2,2,x,x
C5 - x,3,5,5,x,x
G5 - 3,5,5,x,x,x
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uhhh huh? "A5 - x,0,2,2,x,x" the first "x" low E string?

(tabs better[not chords])
I play guitar.