So I currently have a SX PDG CE acoustic and its pissing me off now that I can play a little. I've been playing for about three months now but the action is set way to high. At the higher frets I literally have to move the string a quarter of an inch to play the note. Yes its a cheap guitar with a cheap plastic bridge. Is there anyway to reset this to lower the action? This is the guitar. Any help and I would love it.
Ya sorry about that those were the best pics i could get. But as far as I can tell it doesn't have a truss rod to tweak on.
Yeah, most acoustics are limited with their bridge adjustment. I'd try tweaking the truss rod, but look into it first, don't just go for it!
The thing that sucks is that this was just a cheap guitar to get started on and I can't like any info on it online, or anywhere for that matter
to lower action, you can sand down the nut or saddle. You can google information about that.

Truss rod is really to set the correct neck bow, not really action (even though the action is affected by the bow).
Don't muck around with your trussrod without knowing what you're doing.

Be wary of lowering the action, it's an easy job but needs patience. I'll search and find you a few good threads.


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