I plan to start doing gigs soon, and I'll be up against two guitars with I believe 75- or 100-watt amps and 2x10 (I think) speakers, and another bassist whose gear I'm not sure of. I'm looking for 300+ watt amps, and an 8x10 cab. Overkill on the cab, I know, but if I'm putting money into this, might as well go all the way; I can always turn the volume down. :P

I dunno about amps. Higher-end Fenders still have all-tube amps, right? I'll be playing jazz, jazz rock, fusion, and classic/modern rock on it, so it'll need a degree of versatility...

As for cabs, Musician's Friend has this beast on sale for a lot cheaper than Guitar Center's price, and it looks alright. I'm kinda new to cabs, though. <.<

Ampeg SVT looks nice, but it's pricier.

Also, anyone know the shipping on one of those? MF says shipping is free, but I don't know about other places.

I hope to god this thread is allowed, I didn't see anything against them in the FAQ.

You're against two guitarists and another bassist?! Woah, unless thats pulled off right, it's gonna sound like ****.

I would probably look into the Ashdown ABM range, good tone, good power (575W) and good price. What more could you want?

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Rhythm and lead guitar, and the bassist and I will switch out sometimes. They're a really experienced group; I'm... not. :P
Try to find a used ampeg SVT and 810, used stuff is awesome. I'd go for the SVT2 pro. I have the 810 classic aniversary 810 and it's a beast, it should be able to drownd the rest of the group... if needed

and if your switching out with him, maybe ask about going in on a rig together? Then your bass tones wont change from song to song.

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Will do. I'll check on Craigslist since I'd be able to actually try the stuff out, but anyone know how trustworthy eBay is for something like that?

And about splitting, I'm not joining the band permanantly... he plays in different groups, and so do I. Good idea, though.
I advise against the GK rig. If you want an 8x10 and an all-tube head, go for the big one. I own an SVT-Classic head with an SVT810E cab, and I love it. The only problem is now that Ampeg has outsourced its production to Vietnam, some products have failed (namely MY amp). I'm very angry at them, but I think I just got a fluke. I have no idea what's going on with it.
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The only fender that is all tube now (as far as I know) is the 300w bassman 300. That bassman should be able to compete with all the 300w tube ampegs and the mesa 400 for volume, but I would imagine provides a pretty darn different tone. I've only heard good things about the bassman 300. The ampegs have the predictible ampeg tone, but if you like that go for it. Pure hearsay, but a lot of reviews have claimed the svt2 pros are not at all reliable even though they sound great. I haven't heard similar complaints for the different classic svt heads.

I just picked up a traynor YBA 200, which is a 200 w tube bass amp. I love it, but it has absolutely minimal features: no effects loop, only a 3 band eq, only 4 & 8 ohm output. It has no problems cutting through a couple guitar players, but I don't know how it would compete with another bass player--it's also half the weight of an svt 2 or a bassman 300--

Also, if you get a big tube head from MF, wait for a free freight sale because those 75lb amps usually cost about usd$70 to ship.

I havn't enjoyed my experience with GK cabs, either at stores or with the little 2*10 I own, and aluminum cones are an aquired taste IMO, so I'd be leery of that cab unless you've really taken the time to sit down and AB it with other 8*10s and decided it was best.
The Bassman 300 looks like something I'd like.

Anyone know where a cheap place for the Ampeg 810?
You don't really need to get an Ampeg cab. They're great, and everyone uses them, but you can get something just as good for less. I may get a good finger wagging for suggesting Peavey, but I hear many good things about them. Also, Eden makes good cabs, but they are more on the expensive side. GK would be a good choice, but if you're not a fan of bright bass, then shy away. Without proper EQing, you may feel like your amp sounds like it's in a metal trashcan with the GK Goldline cab.
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Price isn't an issue. That's not to say I WANT to spend lots, but I won't hide a few hundred if it'll make a difference in quality.

As for bright tones... that's exactly what I'm looking for. xD
I've got bright Rotosounds on my Jazz, and I EQ it to add in a little bit of treble to that. :P
In that case you should definitely look towards GK amps. They're not über expensive and they have what sounds like your perfect tone. Go try one out at the store and see what you think.
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You're looking for a versatile tone for jazz, fusion, rock, and modern rock... So... you're planning to buy a tube amp, which are for the most part not really all over the map tone-wise; they have what they do well and do THAT well, especially the Ampeg ones. And an 810 which provides some of the smallest tonal range this side of an 8" speaker. I can't quite grasp this.

What I would do in this situation is buy a solid state amp, but one that colours your tone a lot.(WTF?!?! Bales recommends an amp that affects the sound?!?!?!) What this is going to do is give you a very quintessential bass sound. The best "coloured" amp is probably an Ashdown for what you're wanting. For cabs with maximum flexibility, you'll want something like a 210+115 or 410+118 setup. Those are going to give you a very even sound that covers the sound spectrum. For minimal price and maximum portability look into the 210+115. For one it's so much easier to move, and two, the lower price range is going to let you focus more of the funds on a nice Ashdown ABM500 or 900 or something along those lines.