I get those errors sometimes. The makers of it are French. So I have no idea what it's telling me to do.
it deleted itself when the trial messed up and i had it for over 7 months. im thinking of bootlegging it but that is not allowed to talk here and executables are easy to add viruses too.
reinstalling usually fixed that for me

if u can get a hold of v5.2, it will fix most problems and add some new features
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i just heard the most amazing solo ever. it's in a song called "holiday" by green day. its even harder than some of blink 182s stuff!! im gonna learn this solo right now! give it a listen, its really good sounding and not too easy.
I think the jist of it is 'violation of access rights/you are using an illegal copy, buy the damn thing you cheap ****er'
Close and re-open works for me, but I use my firewall to block it off from the internet too
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I've actually just been having a problem in which, whenever i change to a certain tuning, or for instance make my own custom tuning, the application bugs out and doesn't respond to anything i do after that. It's annoying the hell out of me.
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I usually just pretend I'm batman on duty. It makes me feel useful to society.

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Penguins are ****ing creepy. They all just stand there, staring... with their EYES. Like beady eyed tuxedo clad stalkers.