I have three guitars now and would like to put aside some money so I can stop worrying about things. This one I don't play as much as the others because it needs a setup and I don't have the money to pay for one. It's a high quality guitar for the money, and Rondo's price is a steal - but I can do better. It's extremely lightly used so anyone who buys this will have nothing to complain about. I bought it last summer.

Looks hawt, one of the best guitars Rondo offers, etc. The truth is I didn't even pay for this guitar at all. I did a lot of work for Kurt's website (rondomusic.com) and he gave me a guitar of my choosing as compensation instead of cash, but I know this guitar is worth good money.

300 bucks shipped or best offer (above 300 assuming multiple offers.)

This thread is almost a year old guys...

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