I tried to play One by metallica and this is how it goes


what does -----(0)--- mean?

cant play it without knowing it

this is the instructions at the bottom what he/she put

/ = slide up
\ = slide down
h = hammer on
p = pull off
b = bend
r = release
x = muted string
t = tap (with finger or pick)
~ = vibrato
I always knew them as notes that you dont necessarily hve to play for it to sound right, but I always found it better to play them.
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it means hold the 0 note
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it means hold the 0 note

+1, it means let the 0 note ring out. it's called a ghost note. you don't pick it again, but continue holding it (or in this case, just letting it ring out)
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It's a ghost note. Played quietly so that it's pretty much like letting the original note ring.
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