Hey everyone, I've been playing guitar for about 2 years now and now my friend wants to buy a bass so he can jam with me. I know a lot about guitars but not that much about bass guitars. He wants to know what to ask for for his birthday. I'm not sure how much money he will get, but I'm thinking like $400-600 if he gets lucky. I think he should get a bass starter pack with all the essentials (bass, small amp, tuner, pick, strap) and he should use the leftover money to buy a nicer amp (correct me if this is bad advice I'm giving him). So what are some good bass brands and a great starter pack to buy? Also, if the starter pack is $200-300 then whats a good amp to get for the leftover $200-300? Btw, he is into heavy metal both new and old. He likes Metallica, Korn, Dope, Linkin Park, Slipknot, Megadeth, Pantera, etc. I myself hate newer "metal" but I'm trying to give him the best advice for his music. Thxs all.
I would say go used. You can pick up some really cool stuff cheap. Check you local Criagslist and post what you found here!
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Why don't you look at the FAQ?

It's got plenty of information in there.
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Hmm, I don't know much about starter bass material either, but how about with $600 (if he's lucky) buying the parts individually? In the starter pack you also pay for an amp, which isn't really needed if he's gonna buy another amp right away anyway...
I'm a big fan of going to a music / guitar store and just asking the salesman. They usually know their **** (at least mine really does )
Ibanez starter pack, thats prolly the best for your money starter pack wise.
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Ibanez starter basses are really cheap, but it also sucks to start playing and have a really bad instrument. I started on an old Danelectro Longhorn (a shortscale bass) and then after a few months, bought a Geddy Lee Jazz Bass used on eBay for $540. A couple weeks ago I played my friend's GSR200 (an Ibanez starter bass) or something like that and it was horrible. It hurt my fretting hand.

What I'm saying is, don't get a really bad bass. Make sure whatever he gets is comfortable for him, then spend the rest on an amp. Also, buy used. At least a used bass, maybe a new amp.
For metal, Ibanez is a great choice. However, if you are going for a new amp after the pack, I suggest you purchase them individually.

Why? For a Value Pack, you get the guitar, amp, strap, chord, and tuner. The strap, chord and tuner cost around $10 each, give or take, so you are spending the majority of the money on the guitar and amp. And if you are buying a new amp afterwards, you are losing roughly half of the package's value.

I highly reccomend you purchase the items individually, it will save you money so you can purchase higher quality items. Check the FAQ for reccomended amp, and check here for Ibanez guitars ($300-500).
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Ibenez have some really awsome rock/metal basses resonably cheap! I would have to suggest a base model Ibenez-Sound Gear bass with possibly a cheap Ashton amp to start with
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