OK, I am aware that this may not fit into the metal forum, so close it if you must josh

I posted it here because its a good way to download metal and a good way to share music between us on this forum. My user name is MorbidInvasion, I have a decent collection of thrash metal, death metal, black metal and funeral doom. I've got a lot thats very hard to come by. I have more that isn't on my computer so you can request stuff too.
Sounds good. There's probably a forum for file sharing/computer/etc though - you might find more help there.
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But how many people from this forum visit that forum, and how many people from that forum listen to metal?
lol, I have a buncha melodeath no one's ever heard of <________< but uh the name's VincentVolaju and im not on all the time but yeah >;D
Soulseek is such a metal name, for a split second I thought the thread was about a band named Soulseek before I remembered the filesharing program.
My name is spynal, surprising I know... I have good funeral doom, and random shit.

That is all
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