I wish I were an operator
who lived inside her switchboard.
In my cardigan and specs, with a pen in my ear,
I could listen in on people's conversations.
I could glean into their personal lives,
hear their random stories.
Their quasi-epic tales.

I could listen to their mushy dialogues.
All that lovey-dovey goop,
and pretend that I was the one
that they were talking to.

They wouldn't hear me breathing.
I'm a specter in the airwaves.

"Look at me, I'm higher than thee!
I can hear what you're saying
but you can't
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
Soo what Type of Music is this? I mean You Should have a link to the music...

Hint: Get a iLike Account For YOur Band or are you giving people lyrics to write a song for you?
Wow. Where'd this come from I wonder?
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i once dreamt my wallet was on a helicopter and i chased after it. and eventually i pulled my dick out and lassoed the bottom of the copter and pulled it out of the sky. i woke up screaming
so, i've never commented on your stuff before, but i've always really liked it. this one, though, isn't quite up to your usual standard. it wasn't bad, it just wasn't amazing.

Look at me, I'm higher than thee!

thee? really?? that totally comes out of nowhere, especially around such modern and straight forward language. please don't tell me you had it there just for the sake of a rhyme...

sorry, this just didn't do it for me. i normally love your stuff, though. for whatever that's worth.

when birds flap their wings do the make believe they're really arms?
Well... yeahhh...

Okay, I was aiming for a "higher-than-thou" wordplay kind of thing, but I wanted to make it rhyme. So... yes, I did it for the sake of a rhyme. Hah, but thank you for the props on my other stuff. It's good to know you like it.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.
I really liked this. Its just so weird, but it all fits. Great job.
i liked it a lot, but it was just random like she said witht he thee part, i used it in one of my poems but i wasnt looking to rhyme tis jsut the word i choose because it sounded right. other then that great work it made me chuckle and if someone can get me to laugh when reading poetry then they have succeeded.
This is actually one of my favorites from you. Quite original subject matter if you ask me.

It reminded me of the film The Conversation, without the murder plot which is a plus in my book.

This isn't really a crit. Just a few kind words.
Poor advice.
Music? Who needs that stuff?

Nah. I didn't really write this as a song - it's more or less a bunch of stuff I skimmed off the top of my brain, then pureed together into a poem or something.
There's only one girl in the world for you
and she probably lives in Tahiti.