They're not worth what you'll spend on them. You're also not going to see that much of a tonal improvement with your current gear. I don't think they're worth the money for you at this point.
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A new amp? I'm just saying I don't think pickups are a good investment for you right now.
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if you have a squier id wait to get new guitar
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Tex mex pickups suck donkey balls. Good pickups for SRV depend on your amp. What amp are you using?

Edit: and squiers are great guitars at an even better price, replacing the pickups in a squier is a wonderful idea if (and only if) you have a good amp. If you don't have a good amp you should get that 1st, and replace the pickups in your squier after you get yourself a good amp.
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The Squier isnt my main guitar lol I have two other guitars that i love, but the Squier is just a project on the side

I have a Marshall MG50DFX, and before anybody says it, they arent bad amps x) I have a decent tone on it when i hook up my Line6 to my tubescreamer.
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Well, the thing is, SRV used vintage stock pickups, not Texas Specials. And they weren't overwound. He got his sound by cranking tube amps.
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