Alrighty guys, i've noticed I'm not progressing as fast I should/can be. I don't play like four hours a day, sometimes one or two, sometimes not at all. Either way, I need to make a good, solid, efficient practice routine.

I have no idea where to start.

Usually I'll start by doing a bunch of chromatic exercises, just to get warmed up and used to it...then what should I do?

Can someone help me out, as in, specific exercises, and durations to do them?

I know most/all major, minor,a nd seventh chords. I'm starting to learn barre chords, and i know the minor pentatonic scale.

What should my practice routine look like? What exercises? What chords? Etc...

Thanks in advance guys.
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i just learn techniques/ slash songs i wanna know. its more fun
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If you want a more formal approach to your practicing, I would recommend a beginning guitarists book or DVD series and/or computer program. It's hard to say doing X, X times a day will get you were you want to go. But working through a program backed by a book, etc. and then moving forward is a good start.
- learn all the scales you can.
- get comfortable.
- improvise.
- WOO!

then work on other chords (7+9, Diminished, Suspended, Augmented, etc...)
Well I guess I was being too vague, howabout ya'll critique my idea for a good practice routine.

1) Five Minute Chromatic Warm Up.
2) ~Ten minutes practicing known chords.
3) ~Ten minutes learning new chords.
4) ~ Fifteen minutes practicing known scales/modes.
5) ~ Fifteen minutes learning new scales/modes.
6) ~ Ten minutes rhythm improv.
7) ~ Ten minute lead improv.
8) ~ Fifteen minutes learning a song (Depending on difficulty I'll switch the song after I learn it, so maybe weekly...or something...unless it has solos, then I figure as long as it takes)
9) ~ Fifteen minutes reading up on music theory.
10) ~ Fifteen minute ear training.
11) ~ Ten minutes diong whatever/fiddling.

Then more if necessary. At this rate, it makes my practice roughly two hours long and it seems to hit all the main points, any changes you guys would make? Anything look iffy?

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John Petrucci Rock Discipline DVD. Search for it on youtube if want to check it out before buy it.
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I just pick up a guitar and start playing it...I don't really have a strict regiment. I'll practice songs I know, make up riffs, but mainly, I just do what I want with the guitar.
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