I recently picked up Marty Friedman's Loudspeaker album - I really enjoyed the all instrumental album. With most of my music, I am usually listening for the guitar part anyways and it was nice to not have to deal with annoying vocals

Any other recommendations for all instrumental speed/thrash/shred albums that have some variety (not someone playing scales over and over)?

A couple of the other albums I'm eyeing are Friedman's Music For Speeding and Becker's Perpetual Burn.

I did search before posting this but couldn't find a good list...
definetly look into marty friedman's "dragon's kiss" album and jason becker's "perpetual burn"

Also pickup yngwie malmsteens albums "rising force" and "marching out"
and Racer x's "street lethal" and "second heat"

Also might want to check out cacophony (marty friedman and jason becker together )

I'll think of some more later but those are my favourites

edit: not all instrumental, but still AWESOME stuff
Top lel.