Basically, I totally messed up my floyd rose system by messing around not having a clue what I was doing.
I think I've fixed it with the assistance of youtube instructional videos

But I still have 2 questions.

1. Now that my floyd floats in line with the body, as per the instructional, does that mean I can't change the action. Or what do I do, if I can.

2. Is that definetly the problem fixed, I have it so that the side of the tremelo system runs paralel to the body of the guitar, and my guitar is in tune.
So does that mean the tremelo is setup?

Help please :\
Its means your bridge is leveled with the body in your desired tuning as it should be. Now to change the action/string height with a Floyd Rose you adjust the 2 screws, where you're Floyd pivots on, with an allen key. It should be the same size as the one you tighten your strings with at the nut. Make sure you raise or lower the 2 screws evenly. so of course its not off balance although some I think will have the low E side a tad higher then the high jigh cause of string thickness. Any other problems just ask and I'll try and help.
2003 Music Man Axis Pacific Blue Burst