Ok, so you might have seen me asking about some tube amps after canceling an order for a Crate FlexWave. Well the order was canceled, and bought myself a 6505+ Head for $850USD. Quite a good deal. Now I need a cab to match with it.

At band practice our guitarist has two cabs, so he's going to let me borrow one of his for the time being. Granted they are MG cabs, but they are something.

I have heard good things about pairing a 5150/6505 with Marshall cabs, but my budget won't current allow for a 1960 cab.

I saw a Marshall MC212 cab for $340. Does anyone know how this would do? Any other suggestions?

Vader makes some nice cabinets from what I've heard.

I wouldn't go for some of the lower-end Marshall cabs, speakers and build aren't the best.

Edit: What styles do you play by the way?
I haven't heard too much about either Vader or Avatar. But I've heard more about Avatar.

Any other suggestions are welcome.
seriously dude. i used to have an Avatar Vintage 4x12 loaded with V30's and G12H (70th Anniversary).

incredible cab.
They seem to have some good reviews on Harmony Central. But I still want to keep some options open.
If you play anything remotley metal go for the Vader cabs. And for anything else Avatars will work splendidly.
I play Alice in Chains and Pearl Jam type stuff, along with some 70's influence. So out of those two brands, I might go with Avatar.
Hmm, i totally wouldn't have suggested buying a 6505 if that's mostly what you play, but too late now. Go with an Avatar, they're great cabs and very cheap.
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