Well, here's my thing. I have a Jackson DXMG with a floyd rose. My problem is I want a hardtail guitar. I really like the guitar except for that. So what I want to do is just switch out the body I have for a new one. So i'm looking on ebay and I found this:
This is exactly what I want, but this is from a lower quality guitar than mine. Would using this body be a stupid thing to do, or would it be fine? I'm looking to spend like less than $150 on this whole project so I don't really want to get a warmoth body or anything. So yeah, any insight? Thanks to anyone who responds.
Look for a DK2T body instead. Made in Japan of alder, and have nicer finishes to boot.

EDIT: Or better yet, save and buy either a DKXMGT or DK2T and i nstall EMGs on it.