I'm in a band, no specific genre, for instance....Metallica and Sublime. Lot of different music. The other guys in the band have been complaining about how ****ty my guitar sounds, so I began using my friend's Schecter Hellraiser (btw mine is an Ibanez GRG170DX). Complaints stopped. Should I get a new guitar? I mean, I could just get a new pickup, but they won't tell me what is wrong with the sound, so I would probably just end up wasting 100$ or whatever. I am going to tinker with the guitar, get new strings, raise the action a bit, file that pesky first fret (never heard a string ever buzz like that), fix my input (completely fell out, the manufacturer's soldering skills could be matched by a drunken lemur), and mess with the pickups and whateve else I can think of, but if that doesn't help, I'm kinda SoL, huh? Opinions and/or other suggestions would be much appreciated.

I thought of that, but this band means a lot to me, and I really do want to do what's best for the band. Too faggy? Go **** yourself.

my band complains about my tone, i force feedback down their f**cking throats. If another guitarist goes, hey why don't you try this setting etc, thats fine, but flat out saying that it sounds horrible is not cool. My tone is my baby
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