Schecter C-1 Hellraiser is it the 700 dollar one that all you guys love so much
The one without a floyd rose is $650, and with a floyd rose is $800.
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Mmmmm...hellraiser...damn fine guitar, I love playing it. I would actually compare it to sex. F***ing gorgeous, too.
ive played it before, and i have to say i really enjoyed it.

minus the damn emgs though...****ing hate those things haha
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I've got a Hellraiser FR and it's the most wonderful guitar I've ever played
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This is UG, we love Schecters and Ibanez and Jacksons, we hate Deans and BCR's, we hate Marshall MG's, and everyone needs a new amp.
I going to get the C-1 FR Hellraiser once I get the money. I can't wait.
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i love OFR's
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perhaps i have a superb epiphone. the japanese man must have gotten laid and won the lottery right before he made my guitar. whatever.