Hi everyone. I recently have decided to make an investment and am finally going to buy an awesome guitar in the $1000+ range. I've been looking alot and have narrowed my chioces down to three or four. A PRS Mira, an American HSS Strat, Gibson ES-339, or a Les Paul Standard Faded 50's Neck (I'm iffy on this one). I am really diggin' the Mira (love the coil tap, and I've always wanted a PRS) and the ES-339 as I've heard good things about them both, and their dead sexy and seem to suit my playing style. I currently own a MIM Strat and an Orange Tiny Terror (which I love more than my girfriend... sometimes lol). I play alot of blues and classic rock, as well as moderate gain hard rock. What would be the best option of my picks? My budget is $1800 tops and I'm open to other suggestions if anyone has any. By the way I'm gonna try to get around to trying them out at a shop but the closest one's about an hour away. Thanks.

Customize your own guitar for the same price (or cheaper) as one of your off the shelf choices.
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^I'd let a pro look at it. Once you get into the technicalities of screws...well, it's just a place you don't want to be, friend.
as awesome of a guitar Carvin makes, they don't keep their resale value at all. not like a gibson.

if you're gonna go gibson, get one that is some what "timeless". the LP Standard faded is a great choice.

PRS is pretty good at keeping value.
im going to put in a vote for the EB musicman, I just love that guitar
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I'll +1 the PRS. The Mira is nice, or if you're willing to shell out a little more, a Standard 22 or 24.
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Thanks for the input so far. As I've done a little more research now, I'm reading mixed reviews (inferior woods) on the Faded 50s Les Paul and more praise to the 339/335 series of guitars. From what I've read the 339 is a blend of Les Paul and 335 which seems awesome. I really still would love to get some more feed back on the Mira (or PRS guitars in general)... anybody have one? The virsatility of the guitar is the main thing thats catching my eye... and the 24 frets but I don't know why. I think i'm gonna just throw the HSS Strat out since I already own one. Also, about the Carvin, I'll check that out.
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i love the mira and ive played the custom 22 at the guitar shop when i bought my mira and far prefer the mira
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