hi all,first off let me say i have nil recording experience.so any help is appreciated.I have been messing around with the old vamp into pc recording and after trying audacity moved on to reaper.I'm obviously doing something wrong.i downloaded a backing track and play it back with monitor sound while recording a second track(say a lead through it)but when i finish recording and mute the backing track in my 2nd recorded track> lead I can hear it has also recorded the backing track.I would like to get it so that each channel is seperated from each other but don't know how to go about doing this,i'd like to use it for recording ideas so that i can play each track seperately.Can anyone tell me where im goin wrong?
You need to set the channel input to record only the input of your sound card, not the stereo out.
hi mr.pillow,i feel a bit stupid for asking but i am unsure as how to do this.could you give me some configuration instructions?
In your audio track, enlarge the control panel to the left vertically until you can see the input/output meter. Right click this, and it should give you your record input/output options.