i have acquired a butterscotch blonde squire tele body that i intend to do some work on. the thing is i have already put some nicks in it without barely touching it. now i dont know if it has a really light coat of lacquer on it or what but i was wondering what anyone thought of adding more coats of lacquer to it after i finish my final routing of the cavities and any body work i intend to do. something to kind of beef it up make it more durable. the thing is the original coats on the guitar are poly and i have a can of nitro from stew mac. would that do anything to it? any feedback would be great thanks
maybe i need to put it in simple terms for the less than quick ones.

nitro on top of poly-good or bad or doesnt matter?
I'm not sure nitro would adhere too well over poly. Best bet is to either strip and finish in nitro, or to leave it as is. After all little dings and nicks can add character, as Fender have rather profitably proven...