Beginner guitarist, but even I knew my Excel wannabe guitar & practice amp had to go!

Just got home with my new Fat Strat (MIM) and Roland Micro Cube, and I'm PUMPED! Been saving up for a little while now, and I've finally got what I wanted. I'm sure most of you guys have way better stuff, but I'm just glad to have a solid guitar and nice little amp to play around with (so tired of that other crap guitar going out of tune every other day, etc. etc.)

Okay, can't wait any longer, time to go shred!

(By the way, I got both of those for about $550 total, tax included. That's not bad, right?)
where's the pics?
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if ur so pumped why are you waiting for people to respond about price? but yeah that is a decent deal, pending on wattage on the cube is it 15, 30 or what?
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Way too new to the forum to know if ya'll are patronizing me or just ****in with me (or both) lol. But I'll play along...

(and chill ac/dc, "can't wait any longer" was referring to me waiting to be able to buy the guitar/amp, not waiting for replies. also, it's just a micro cube, but it's big enough for me... for now anyway.)

nice strat bro. I just got a microcube for my dorm room.Its an amazing amp for the size and money but it doesnt touch a tube amp haha. IT blows out any solid state amp 3 times the price tho
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No, we were serious, we wanted pics. haha.
Well, I wasn't serious about the "or it never happened" but it goes well. =D
Most guitarists love to see other people's gear not in "White background, studio lighting" form. Like on musician's friend or something. haha.
Can't beat real lighting. =D

Yeah, it's a sweet Strat! And there's no shame in a micro cube, you'll find they're one of the most recommended starter/budget amps around here.
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nice gear man, ive got a standars SSS MIM strat that looks almost exactly like that and i love it. btw hows that micro cube sounding im thinking that ill most likely be picking one of those up for when i go to college
Thanks guys

The cube sounds great, man. It'd probably be perfect for ya if you're heading to college... I assume you'll be in a dorm, so it'll pack plenty of punch for such a small place, and it's got lots of "bells and whistles" for the size/price. I'd definitely consider it if I were you. I was looking at smaller Vox amps too (which seem good as well), but I've heard so many great things about the cubes that I couldn't pass on it.
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