hey guys. i have a Yamaha F335 and i just put some new martin phosphor acoustic bronze strings on them. i got the medium/blue package, but i usually get the light pack of strings. so the gauges of the strings currently on the guitar are from: .013 to .056. i'm wondering if my guitar neck will be able to handle the tension, or if it will end up warped? should i take the strings off?
well on the plus side, i don't think my guitar's ever sounded better or louder. thanks in advance for your help.
Should be fine.
If you're really that concerned though, like if you think the neck is really bowing, then your truss rod will need to be adjusted.
I would advise you to see a guitar tech if you want your truss rod adjusted, but there's really no need to adjust anything.
I agree, should be no problem. The neck is designed to handle any strings out there, including .013 gauge. You should be able to keep them on and not worry about it. Have it checked if you're concerned, heavier gauge strings occasionally increase tension enough to make a minor difference in backbow and therefore string clearance, but usually not enough to warrant truss rod adjustments.
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Your guitar should be fine. If not, I would take it to the guitar shop to have it adjusted. But, it should be fine.
I have one of those to and its actually a damn good guitar for the prices. I'd say your ok, everything I've read about that guitar says they are built like tanks and don't change shape even after 20 years.
It should be fine since youve only gone one size up. If any issues arise with the action or anything then you may need to take it in for a set-up but i think youll be ok.